Friday, 22 May 2020

Flight weather report for today

Current flight weather report in the following regions:

UK - severe turbulence and mountain waves reported across the airspace of Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland below 6000 feet. Windy weather and sudden change of attitude and altitude may be expected after take off and at final approach within that area.
Ireland - severe turbulence across the airspace of Shannon below 6000 feet. Again, may be a bit bumpy on final or during take off.

China - severe turbulence across Beijing airspace between 3000 up to 40000 feet. Seat belts on and some abrupt changes in altitude may be expected if flying through these levels. Another report for severe turbulence for Wuhan airspace between 25000 up to 38000 feet.

Australia - severe turbulence reported east of Perth between 23000 up to 38000 feet, and north east of Sydney airspace between 15000 up to 35000 feet. Some bumpy weather may be expected during descent or take off within that region.
New Zealand - severe turbulence (weaken) south east of Christchurch between 38000 up to 44000 feet. Pilots to avoid that area.


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