Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Flight weather report for today

Current flight weather report in the following regions:

Italy- severe turbulence reported in northern part of the country over Bologna and Milan area between 2000 up to 10000 feet. Some bumpy weather may be expected during descent or take off within that region.

India - there is a report of a strong storm and turbulent weather east of the country over Bay of Bengal. Pilots have been avoiding this area.
Russia - severe turbulence across Rostov-on-Don area below 150000 feet. Take offs and landings may be a bit windy at Rostov-on-Don airport.

Australia - severe turbulence (intensify) reported across Western Australia region between 22000 up to 34000 feet. Pilots may seek higher altitude above 34000 feet in order to fly smoothly through that area. Severe turbulence in Adelaide airspace between 18000 up to 32000 feet. Sudden change of attitude and altitude may be expected during descent or take off within that region.
Fiji - severe turbulence reported south of Nadi over the South Pacific Ocean between 25000 up to 40000 feet. Pilots may avoid to fly within this area.

South Africa - severe turbulence south of Johannesburg airspace over the ocean at cruising level 36000 feet.

source: SkyVector.com

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