Monday, 18 May 2020

Flight weather report for today

Current flight weather report in the following regions:

Hungary - severe turbulence reported across the whole airspace of the country between 22000 up to 34000 feet. Seat belts on and some abrupt changes in altitude may be expected if flying through these levels.
Croatia - severe turbulence across the country's airspace between 30000 up to 40000 feet. Seat belts on and it may be a bit bumpy at cruising altitudes if you are flying through the region.
Slovenia - severe turbulence (weaken) within airspace of Ljubljana between 27000 up to 38000. You may expect seat belts on and slightly erratic changes in your altitude or attitude.

Fiji - severe turbulence reported south of Nadi over the South Pacific Ocean between 25000 up to 40000 feet. Pilots may avoid to fly within this area.


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