Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Flight weather report for today

Current flight weather report in the following regions:

Spain - moderate to severe turbulence (weaken) over Madrid and Barcelona airspace between 9000 up to 18000 feet. A bumpy descent or climb may be expected.
Portugal - moderate turbulence reported across the whole country, between 20000 up to 32000 feet. May be a bit bumpy when start to descent from cruising altitude within this region.

North America:
Moderate to severe turbulence reported over the Atlantic ocean - between Bermuda and east coast of USA down south to Bahamas. Levels between 24000 up to 42000 feet and turbulence may be expected at cruise altitude.

South Africa - Moderate to severe turbulence below 10000 feet within Cape Town airspace. A bumpy descent or climb may be expected.

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