Monday, 11 May 2020

Flight weather report for today

Current flight weather report in the following regions:

France - moderate (weaken) turbulence within Marseille airspace between 23000 up to 35000 feet. Another report for a moderate to severe turbulence north of Paris to Calais area and west of Paris within Brest airspace below 5000 feet.
United Kingdom - moderate to severe turbulence south of London airspace over English Channel below 5000 feet.
Spain - moderate to severe turbulence below 5000 feet within airspace of Madrid and Barcelona.

Russia - moderate turbulence over Rostov airspace below 15000 feet
China - severe turbulence within Wuhan airspace between 25000 up to 40000 feet

Australia - moderate to severe turbulence south of Melbourne over Tasmania airspace below 8000 feet.

North America:
Thunderstorm activities within Bahamas and Havana airspace

South America:
Heavy rain and thunderstorms  west of Columbian coast.